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If you're looking for quality kitchen and bath accessories, Kitchen & Bath Trends Of Kansas is your ideal destination.

We have a variety of styles, finishes, and colors for you to choose from. Be sure to get prompt installation services from our experienced and friendly professionals. You can also consult our expert designers to install customized kitchen or bath accessories for you!

A Wide Array of Kitchenware and Bath Accessories

  • Showers
  • Faucets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets
  • Doorknobs
  • Door handles
Richelieu hardware
Richelieu hardware not only adds style to your home, it creates the best kind of functionality and ease on your cabinets.

Hardware resources
Jeffrey Alexander Kitchen Islands by Hardware Resources
Jeffrey Alexander Bathroom Vanities by Hardware Resources
Jeffrey Alexander Decorative Hardware Collection

Task Lighting

A pioneer in the field of low voltage task and accent lighting. Custom LED lighting for kitchens & baths. A large selection of Under cabinet, internal cabinet and accent lighting. Your only source for the Angle Power Strip. All products are the highest quality and manufactured in the United States.



Top Knobs was founded in 1994 and began its remarkable climb to leadership in the North American decorative hardware industry. Today Top Knobs is the #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware for the professional market. Top Knobs products are prominently displayed in leading kitchen, bath and decorative hardware showrooms in North America.


Top Knobs partners with professional showrooms to display 30 product collections and 37 finishes of kitchen and bath decorative hardware and accessories. As a "design company" our products are not available at mass merchandising do-it-yourself stores. Top Knobs is available only from design showrooms.

Top Knobs offers the industry's most extensive line of premium quality cabinet, drawer, and bath knobs, pulls and other hardware, created to suit all tastes and styles. The company's wide selection of traditional and modern decorative hardware is the result of a creative design staff and talented craftsmen. Each Top Knobs piece has the quality look and feel of custom-made, at an affordable price. Top Knobs is the #1 leader and #1 trend-setter for the professional decorative hardware industry. Visit one of our showroom partners today to experience the design, selection, quality, value, and service that have made Top Knobs #1.


Beautiful plumbing fixtures for your kitchen or bath. Superior product with excellent after the sale customer service. There is a faucet style for every design concept. All Delta faucets come with a 5 year warranty.


Superior Range of Products

Our products range from decorative hardware, storage solutions and sliding systems, to office organization, LED lighting and RFID electronic locks. Featuring more than 35,000 available products, The Complete Häfele catalog has been the preferred industry reference tool since 1971. Worldwide, our product range includes more than 220,000 items. Each is designed to address a specific purpose, and to assist our customers in realizing their goals. But our inventory is just the beginning. Through Häfele Engineering we constantly develop new products and improve existing ones, to allow our partners to get their work done faster, better and more efficiently.

Our Expertise

The world of hardware provides an ongoing opportunity to make things better. At Häfele, we use our expertise to do just that. Our hardware fittings consistently meet quality standards that apply anywhere in the world. It’s a level of quality that allows products to perform better and contribute more in whatever role they play. And while our industry experience is concentrated on construction and building, our main focus is on people. Through our products and professional services, our expertise shows up in the form of convenience, dependability and thoughtful functionality.

Warmly Yours

The name, WarmlyYours, reflects our deep, personal commitment to providing you with the exceptional customer service that you deserve. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to provide you with prompt and friendly assistance. Listening to feedback from thousands of homeowners and installers, we continue to improve on everything we do in our effort to better serve you. We've heard what you have said and so we have expanded our offering to include other radiant heating products to bring you comfort and affordable luxury in all aspects of your living space.

As Electric in-floor heating systems generate an even heat throughout your home, they will not disturb dusk and thereby reduce the chances of you getting any allergic reactions. That’s not all; radiant heated floors reduce noise levels as well as the amount of dry air in your home. 

Heated floors are inexpensive to install and they won’t add more than a quarter to your electric bills. 

The products from Warmly Yours are crafted and designed to fit any budget. Their electric heated towel warmers are vital additions to your bathroom. They operate at a fraction of the cost of most liquid filled models. Each model of electric heated towel warmers includes a control timer and a hidden wiring mounts for single stud installation. They are made with superior hand-finished quality metals. 

Onyx Collection 

Onyx Collection is a manufacturer of shower bases, shower pans, tub replacements, lavatories, tub surrounds, fireplace hearths, slabs, seats, trims, and other shower accessories. They design the products to your specifications in almost any size, shape, and color for your new or remodeled bathroom needs. Their products are available through dealers throughout the United States continent

Karran USA

Karran USA is a pioneer of undermounting sinks and laminate countertops. They continually push the boundaries of design and engineering to bring you products that are unique and of the highest quality. They are also known for their capability to seamlessly integrate stainless steel sinks into solid surfaces. From thermo-formed solid surface sinks to stainless steel sinks with cast resin rims, Karran USA is committed to creating sinks that inspire, address the real world issues, and are practical, beautiful, and affordable. 

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